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Catalyst MVC Framework with Perl

Linux Web Development With Perl and Catalyst MVC Framework

What is Development with the Catalyst Framework? This article was written a little while ago in an Article for Linux Journal, about An Intro To Application Development, and it intrigued me on Web Development with the Catalyst Perl MVC Framework.  Now Perl may not be your best bet for all your Web Development solutions, it can be used as an Object...

How Do I Find Web Design Clients? Where have all the Clients gone?

How To Gain Web Design Clientele

How to Find New Web Design Clients? Web Designers today are always thinking ahead and trying to create new web projects.  Some things are easier to create than others.  Everyone is at a different skill level as some designers are just starting out, while others have been designing web pages for decades now.  That being said, you may be searching...

DNS and Your Website

DNS and Your Website

Web Designers are often known as the jack-of-all-trades.  Web Designers must know Photoshop Design, and HTML coding, a little programming, but also IT Networking.  Many specialize in only one aspect to design, like Mobile, WordPress, Front-end, or back-end design.  There is just so much to know and it is always evolving and changing. Sure design is fun, but without the...