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Shaft Poster

You’re Screwed. How Getting Shafted Has Become The Everyday Norm.

Maybe It’s Just Me,  But Everyday It Seems…. You’re Screwed Credit: Omega Gamer 89 Deviant Art No matter where I go in America, the everyday norm seems to be, you’re screwed. Everything from your Home, to your Job, to our Education System, to our Government, to Student Loans, to Banks, to the Post Office, to the IRS, to the 14...

The Continued Debate On Torrents and Piracy

The Continued Debate On Torrents and Piracy

The BTJunkie site was many people’s favorite Torrent site.  It’s been a little over a year since it was voluntarily shutdown and you may have noticed that some of your favorite music torrents aren’t there anymore, also because of the shutdown of Demonoid last year. While many proponents would say that justice is being served and corporations are now getting the...