Problems and Frustrations with WordPress. Should I switch to Tumblr?

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Wordpress Support

WordPress Support

What are your Top Problems with WordPress?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been using WordPress for some time now, and think it could be improved.  It’s a great tool for Web Developers and just everyone who enjoys the web, but it is lacking in a few areas, and it’s users are taking notice.  Some are switching to other products for their CMS needs.  There are many options out there, some like Joomla and Tumblr, while many prefer to just leave their old Bloggers alone and ride it out with the times.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

But we at Catalyst Web Designs like to be Modern and have up to date technologies.  So WordPress tops our list of tools to use.  But it does have it’s issues.

It is a frustrating piece of something to deal with many times.  I like it’s features.  It’s ease of use, but when things go wrong, it can get complicated to fix, if there is a fix at all.  I just wish the Text Editor WYSIWYG was better, and I had to learn a lot more about Security, and MySQL databases than most novice users would know, or could have done themselves.  The Text editor is very small sometimes.  I wish it was a bit bigger vertically.  I know there is a Distraction Free Writing Mode, but it has few features, so what’s the point if you aren’t writing a novel.

I need the editor to be a bit larger vertically.  My posts are longer than some, and WordPress should encourage better content with these larger editors, just a thought.  Not that that will necessarily happen, but let’s make an effort to put better content on the web.  That starts with a better Text Editor from WordPress.  Let’s improve it a bit.  One of my biggest problems with WordPress is it’s lack of features for Text, like Font and such.  Hell, just integrate Microsoft Word in there somehow.  Anyways, there are more things where WordPress could be improved.

WordPress Security Pac-Man Photo

WordPress Security Pac-Man Photo

As far as Security, I get a lot of hack attempts with Bruteforce password guessers.  It’s more of an IT issue, but it makes you wonder sometimes with larger websites how they must feel if they were running on WordPress.  It’s popularity leads to security issues sometimes.  If you have ever lost a years worth of data to WordPress malware, you would understand.  We virtually have started over and are just focusing on writing better content nonetheless.

WordPress Secure Access Only Sign

WordPress Secure Access Only Sign

And Database speed.  I have had to go in through my Host Sever and improve the MySQL servers on WordPress a few times.  Wordpress didn’t tell me about this, but I was noticing slow page load times and contacted my host.  That is what they recommended was optimizing the MySQL servers through my host from time to time.  I have a lot more to learn about MySQL and PHP so I will get back to you when I learn more about those topics.  I know Oracle SQL a lot better.

Here is a classic WordPress rant that I just had to share with you. I like how this guy thinks about WordPress.  Check out this WordPress users rant after these links on the recent news that Yahoo is thinking about acquiring Tumblr, maybe Yahoo is back on the rise with their new CEO who is shaking things up a bit out in Silicon Valley with Yahoo.

Will you be making the switch to Tumblr with it’s popularity and ease of use?  Now with the added bonus possibly of being backed by Yahoo.

Here is some of the recent news of the Yahoo takeover of Tumblr.

Forbes: Tumblr And Yahoo: Latest Details On The Imminent Deal

TechCrunch Says Tumblr Might Reject the Yahoo 1.1 Billion Dollar Bid saying it is too low.

CNN Tech:  Is Yahoo about to buy Tumblr?

Business Insider:  Why Yahoo Might Pay $1.1 Billion For Tumblr Even Though It Only Has $13 Million In Revenue


WordPress Hardware

WordPress Hardware

WordPress frustrates the hell out of me

By On 9 May 2013 In Uncategorized


 WordPress is the most popular CMS(that’s content management system, for y’all regular humans(and cats, I know you’re on the internet too)) on the planet.

As of 5/9/2013, this blog is being hosted on They’re a fantastic company, with good coupon codes making their prices cheap. Currently, it’s 3.49 a month, and the performance has been completely unbelievably outstanding. Their customer service is great. Sadly, it looks like I’m going to be taking advantage of their very generous 90 day refund policy.

My host has been great. I wanted to try out wordpress, and they have an install process that takes about 5 seconds of your life.

The problem is wordpress itself.
People always talk about how easy it is to use.
People always talk about it’s great plugin support.

I have to say, I can’t quite give it a glowing review.
My first complaint. The image system. Whoever designed the image resize tool in wordpress had no idea what they were doing.

It works, but the interface is horrifically wonky, and convoluted. It’s almost as if several different design teams worked on separate elements of it, without speaking to each other.

Featured images are a complete mess.  If I have a featured image, often parts of the image are cutoff on my homepage, while they’re perfectly fine in the post itself.

Sometimes google+ and facebook thinks my featured image isn’t my featured image, and shows a random ad-banner as the image by default.

The next concerns. WordPress is a slow dog.
I made it faster, using wp-supercache, wp-minify and asynchronous javascript.

Oh wait, WP-supercache, even with it’s preload feature turned on, won’t actually cache my site properly unless someone accesses it recently. That means the more traffic my site gets, the faster it becomes. Unfortunately, traffic has been slow lately, so the few people I do get, actually have a bad experience.

Security issues have been a problem. The wordpress botnet came around recently. I wrote an article on the subject, which has been a major source of views lately.

Inmotion handled it like a boss, and had mod_sec custom rules kick in, to not shut down my site, but only disable admin login capability during the attack.

Here’s the thing… why didn’t wordpress take care of it? Oh right, you need plugins for that.

I currently have 18 plugins, plus several external widgets on this site, and it still doesn’t have the functionality I want.

I was a little horrified that wordpress, by default, doesn’t really have any quality social network features. Jetpack adds a few, but they’re limited, and a bit broken.

Plugin configuration locations have no standardized location.
Sometimes it’s under settings, sometimes you have to hover over settings to get to it, and sometimes you have to go to the plugin page, to find settings.
One of my plugins, EWWW image optimizer, has settings under both media, AND settings-hover over.

Categories are handled nicely I guess.

I just generally find wordpress clunky, and this is coming from someone who doesn’t even find windows 8 hard to handle.

So, I’m looking at my alternative options.

I used blogger for a bit, it was a pain in the ass.
I used tumblr for a bit, was annoyed by the lack of comment system, switched away, and then later found out disqus can actually do comments.
Joomla and Drupal seem like they’d be frustrating to deal with.

I might actually switch back to tumblr.

Yep, I find tumblr easier to deal with.
Yes, it has some restrictions. All site changes have to be made in code.(that just means learning). It doesn’t host images (I’ll probably use picasa).

All in all, these are things I can deal with, happily.

What are all of your thoughts out there?

WordPress Security

WordPress Security

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