How To Gain Web Design Clientele

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How Do I Find Web Design Clients?  Where have all the Clients gone?

How Do I Find Web Design Clients? Where have all the Clients gone?

How to Find New Web Design Clients?

Web Designers today are always thinking ahead and trying to create new web projects.  Some things are easier to create than others.  Everyone is at a different skill level as some designers are just starting out, while others have been designing web pages for decades now.  That being said, you may be searching for the best way to get new web design clients.  You are in luck as we came across Dana of Wonderforest.  This talented Web Designer and Graphic Illustrator really has a creative network and Web Brand of her own.  She is the Queen of Web Enterprising, as you can see from her website and social following. Quite an impressive website.

The Wonderforest is just one of her websites.  She has a Blog Creator Service where she sells Custom Blog Designs and Social Network icons and logos.  It is very well done and you too might like to create something like this.  It seems she has a couple of sites she maintains and has plenty of ideas for her immense social empire. We at Catalyst Web Development were blown away by her advice and talent.  Check it out for yourself.   Envye is a great idea for female designers out there today.  I also like the i can build a blog concept.  She also helps out young designers with tutorials and ways to break into the biz on her blog, icanbuildablog.

Web Design is constantly evolving and changing.  You have to keep on top of the latest design trends and most of all, BE CREATIVE.  Check out all of these creative ideas she has.  This is just one idea for a Web Enterprise that you can make for yourself.  It takes talent, hard work, dedication, but most of all, time.  This doesn’t happen overnight, so you have to sacrifice and constantly be developing and learning new things in the Web Design world.

Envye Design Shop:

I Can Build A Blog:

I give her a ton of credit at building a nice website, but as with anything the web changes and even she has to update her website to the latest technologies.  Responsive Web Design, Mobile First, Twitter Bootstrap are all things that developers know a bit better than designers, so it’s just a tradeoff on what you are better at.  Also, PHP, Databases, MySQL, accepting payments, https, ssl, AWS are also concepts that Web Developers may have to know.  Plus you have to know app design, ruby on rails, javascript, and many other things in addition to just blogging these days.

Journey To Web Design Success

It’s a long journey to Web Design success, so you have to keep learning and keep developing and getting better at creating for the web.  It’s not just about making money, although that is what mainly drives people’s interests.  You have to earn a living somehow these days.  A second income on the web is definitely feasible.  Hopefully, you may be able to earn a full living doing it full time.  It is a growing business today.  Every business needs a website. But you have to put in the hard work.  You have to advance your skills and develop your portfolio as well.  As Guy Kawasaki says, don’t just make a Facebook for France, develop something new and exciting for everyone to use.  Learn more from Guy Kawasaki’s speech at LeWeb 2013 for Entrepreneurs, Startups and the Future of the Web in 10 years. Here is that Wonderful Speech in case you missed it,

The Great Wall Of China.  How Do I Reach My Future Web Clients?

The Great Wall Of China. How Do I Reach My Future Web Clients?

So How Do You Get Clients?

People always want to know, what’s the secret, how do you get started with web design and gaining new clients for your web talents.  How do you grow your new business?  These are all questions that you might have.  There really is no magic answer.  Some may say it is Who You Know.  Others may say It Depends.  But it is about mainly about reaching out to businesses and putting your best foot forward.  I say you have to have a niche.  What is going to be your niche market?  Is it social websites and blogs, is it technical websites for computers, programming, science, research or education, is it business websites for small businesses, or maybe restaurants. You have to think of ways to key in on those top industries in your local area.  What do people in your area need or want out of a website? Maybe it’s just a simple way to connect people in your neighborhood or your local web or computer tech service.

Network On LinkedIn

Network On LinkedIn

Network Through LinkedIn

We say LinkedIn is one of the best ways to start.  There are Groups you can find to Network in your area.  Using Linkedin and search for new people or businesses on Linkedin in your area.  Google new businesses in your area, new websites, check out the old Yellow Pages. Also, Manta is a great tool for Small Businesses.  Check them out as well, MANTA helps grow your business and may be helpful.  But I say LinkedIn is one of your best bets.  People on LinkedIn are obviously connected online and eager to grow their business and be successful.  You want Quality Web Clients.  LinkedIn is great for Human Resource Recruiters and Business Professionals.  I say use this to your advantages.  Network on LinkedIn As Much As Possible.  Stop spinning your wheels on Craigslist clients, who may not even have the cash to pay you in the first place.



Build A Portfolio Through Non-Profits and Volunteer Agencies

Many churches, volunteer groups, non-profits, charity organizations always could use web design work.  Try developing a Dotorg website for a limited cost and building up your portfolio first.  It seems the best way to gaining clients is by REFERRALS, Advice From SitePoint.  If you do a good job for one Client.  Ask them to recommend you to other clients as well.  Always seek new ways to Network.  The hardest part is getting that first client and making those first steps toward your web design success.  You have to start somewhere.  Don’t sell yourself short and underestimate your talents.  But don’t overcharge for your expertise as well.

The Selling

If you are really ambitious, develop mailing cards, or brochures and mail them out to perspective clients, and then call them when they receive the card in the mail.  Sales and Marketing tactics are always your friend.  Now this is part of the business that many Web Developers may not be good at.  Selling their talents and maximizing your value as a Web Designer or Developer.  Many developers are introverted and would rather spend their day online coding than dealing with clients and selling their work.  But this is really what sets you apart from the rest.  Marketing, Branding, Selling and Developing Positive Client Relationships are keys to your future Web Design business.  You want repeat customers but you mainly want satisfied customers.

Wonder Forest

Wonder Forest

But don’t take my word for it, see what this great Web Designer has to say for yourself.

Here are Questions you should ask your perspective clients:

  • Do you currently have a website set up? (sometimes they are looking for a redesign.. get the URL if they do)
  • Have you thought about the content and how many pages you might need? (get them to list the pages)
  • Will you need to update the website regularly? (Will they need a content management system?)
  • Will you need any special features or functions? (photo gallery, special scripts, etc.)
  • Do you have a budget in mind? (this helps determine what you can do for them within their budget)

You can read more about what she has to say on her blog post on how to get more web clients.


The Road To Web Design Success

The Road To Web Design Success

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