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Grumpy Cat, Boring! Snore, Snooze Break at SXSW.

WordPress Parker Edition

Stunning New Update For WordPress Really, the latest version of WordPress, Version 3.8 that they have named the “Parker Edition,” seems Night and Day ahead of the previous versions. We have really enjoyed it so far. We can’t wait to see what is next, the Twitter bootstrap WordPress Edition!!! Maybe the Parker stands for Peter Parker, The SpiderMan.  It Has...

Life's A Beach.

Help, I’m Being Sued For Copyright Infringement

Protect Yourself From A Blogger Headache So we are not being sued, but just to be careful we did remove any questionable images from our blog to be sure.  If you didn’t know, you are not supposed to copy images and post them to your blog.  Sure everybody does it, but one day someone could locate you and send you...


The Lost Impressionism Painting

Close your eyes and take an art minute if you will. Try and visualize yourself as if you were in an art class at the Académie des Beaux-Arts during the 1880s art movement of Paris, France.  Now imagine being one of those students and showcasing your work to the world for the first time.  In this famous academy would be...


How Do I Transfer My Tumblr Page To WordPress? Import From Tumblr

A lot of people are thinking about Moving to WordPress? So How Do I Move My Tumblr Page To WordPress? I found this and saw it was a hot topic on WordPress’ Support Page.  Especially with Yahoo’s takeover news of Tumblr, and did see that they are already announcing more ads on the Tumblr.  I can’t guarantee that this transfer...