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Catalyst MVC Framework with Perl

Linux Web Development With Perl and Catalyst MVC Framework

What is Development with the Catalyst Framework? This article was written a little while ago in an Article for Linux Journal, about An Intro To Application Development, and it intrigued me on Web Development with the Catalyst Perl MVC Framework.  Now Perl may not be your best bet for all your Web Development solutions, it can be used as an Object...

Edward Snowden GIF

Was Edward Snowden Wise To Reveal NSA’s Dirty Secrets?

I have finally had some time to listen to all the Edward Snowden interviews with the Guardian.  The Guardian really hates America and is quick to point out everything that is wrong in the United States.  It’s shocking how much Data the USA is collecting online.  Pretty much everything everywhere on everyone.  Freedom comes at many costs, but at the...