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New Philips LED Bulb 11W 1.32 estimated cost per year 22 year lifespan

New Philips LED Frankenbulbs: Now That’s A Bright Idea

1.32 Per Year Energy Cost For An Estimated 3 Hrs Per Day Use: This Yields An Estimated Lifespan Of 22.8 Years! Our New LED Lightbulbs Just Arrived We were so excited to receive these from Amazon, we just had to show you, of all things, a light bulb. Recently, we bought these new Philips LED lightbulbs on Amazon.  So what exactly...

Alan Turing's Long Wait To Be Pardoned

Alan Turing’s Long Overdue Pardon

Computer Science Pioneeer We still remember Alan Turing’s Google Doodle for his 100th birthday last year.  It was definitely one of our favorite Google Doodles over the years.  So when we heard about the latest pardon for the Computer Science’s great innovators we just had to learn more about this.  If you aren’t sure who Alan Turing is then please...

How Do I Find Web Design Clients? Where have all the Clients gone?

How To Gain Web Design Clientele

How to Find New Web Design Clients? Web Designers today are always thinking ahead and trying to create new web projects.  Some things are easier to create than others.  Everyone is at a different skill level as some designers are just starting out, while others have been designing web pages for decades now.  That being said, you may be searching...

Edward Snowden GIF

Was Edward Snowden Wise To Reveal NSA’s Dirty Secrets?

I have finally had some time to listen to all the Edward Snowden interviews with the Guardian.  The Guardian really hates America and is quick to point out everything that is wrong in the United States.  It’s shocking how much Data the USA is collecting online.  Pretty much everything everywhere on everyone.  Freedom comes at many costs, but at the...


The Lost Impressionism Painting

Close your eyes and take an art minute if you will. Try and visualize yourself as if you were in an art class at the Académie des Beaux-Arts during the 1880s art movement of Paris, France.  Now imagine being one of those students and showcasing your work to the world for the first time.  In this famous academy would be...

Ghost Army Artists

The Ghost Army Artists In World War II

I recently saw this amazing documentary on PBS about the Ghost Army of Artists that helped fool the Germans in World War II. This Army Division played an intricate part in deceiving the enemy by  using decoy art, especially during D-Day and throughout the war. We wanted Hitler to think our Army Divisions were in one area or going to...