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Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden Whistleblower Case

Is Edward Snowden A Whistleblower, A Justifiable Hero, or A Foreign Spy Nationalist? The WikiLeaker of all WikiLeakers, Edward Snowden.  It is one Amazing story taking place, right before our eyes. It’s a necessary evil to monitor the web for US interests, but this leak is a bit disturbing on just how much spying on it’s citizens the US Government...

Custom Home Server Build with Windows Server 2012 and Ubuntu Linux

Custom Home Server Build with Windows Server 2012 and Ubuntu Linux

What Kind Of Dream Computer Would You Build For Your Home?  Specifically For Some Serious Web Development. I am working on designing a Dream Computer Build that involves a Custom Home Server using Windows Server 2012, Ubuntu Linux, Intel Xeon DataServer CPUs(although we are waiting for the newer 15 cores later this year), and a unique Workstation/Server combination setup. I use...

WordPress Hardware

WordPress Admin Page Is Extremely Slow

We found this helpful tip on how to improve your admin times on WordPress.  From Stackoverflow.  I’m on there all the time with programming questions. WP Admin extremely slow The WP back end of a site I’m working on (It’s a multisite) takes about 25 seconds to load. Everything was working fine until yesterday and the front end still works...