Monthly Archive: January 2014


Vine’s Nash Grier Explodes In Iceland

The Vine App We have a few famous people in Charlotte and the young app creator of Vine, Nash Grier is really making some headway in the Internet world.  Here is a look at Charlotte’s Nash Grier in Iceland.  Learn more about Iceland at, their official gateway into this magical country.  We are really inspired by his talent and...

Stephen Hawking NASA

What To Watch On Netflix: Stephen Hawking’s Grand Design

The Meaning Of Life So before I was a Web Developer I was a Scientist for a Biotech and Pharmaceutical Labs.  I enjoyed it, but I didn’t think I had chosen the correct path in life and I decided to do something different with my life.  I was successful and worked for top pharmaceutical companies, but sometimes the job sounded...

New Philips LED Bulb 11W 1.32 estimated cost per year 22 year lifespan

New Philips LED Frankenbulbs: Now That’s A Bright Idea

1.32 Per Year Energy Cost For An Estimated 3 Hrs Per Day Use: This Yields An Estimated Lifespan Of 22.8 Years! Our New LED Lightbulbs Just Arrived We were so excited to receive these from Amazon, we just had to show you, of all things, a light bulb. Recently, we bought these new Philips LED lightbulbs on Amazon.  So what exactly...