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Responsive Web Design Handbook

Responsive Web Design Handbook

What’s the best way to learn web design today? Well that’s a difficult subject, because there are so many things to learn. ¬†Between HTML5, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Mobile, Photoshop, all the Adobe Suite products, and now Responsive Web Design, it’s become difficult to keep up with everything. I recently caught Dot Net Magazine’s Handbook on Responsive Web Design...

Shaft Poster

You’re Screwed. How Getting Shafted Has Become The Everyday Norm.

Maybe It’s Just Me, ¬†But Everyday It Seems…. You’re Screwed Credit: Omega Gamer 89 Deviant Art No matter where I go in America, the everyday norm seems to be, you’re screwed. Everything from your Home, to your Job, to our Education System, to our Government, to Student Loans, to Banks, to the Post Office, to the IRS, to the 14...