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We are a Web Development firm located in Charlotte, NC. We design stunning websites that can serve all your business or personal needs. Catalyst Web Designs specializes in complete website packages, monthly updates to your site, and search engine optimization. What we are most known for are our unique and creative web designs. Our capabilities include a wide range of services, including eCommerce websites, business professional designs, and personalized web pages. We can also design blogs, logos, and WordPress sites. We additionally have social branding, and social media skills that can further enhance your website and Google search rankings tremendously. Content is king, along with SEO.

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Choosing a design firm for your website can be a tough process, as not all design firms are created equally. Our goal is to listen to your ideas and turn those ideas into a reality. Even if you already have a website, we can improve it or make it fit your needs in today's changing market. Web Design has changed dramatically in the past few years with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. Most recently with Responsive Web Design, Advanced Web Applications, and Mobile First Principles. These tools make your site load faster and have new capabilities that will make your website really stand out, setting you apart from your competitors. Finally, we understand that time is money and your website represents you or your business. We aim to please and strive to think outside the box.

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Catalyst Web Designs is Charlotte's premier Web Design solution for all your customization needs. Offering excellent customer service, we can have your website designed and running according to your exact specifications and ideas. Using Project Manager Principles, we want to assure you of your design implementation throughout our design process. We first will meet with your Project Lead and get some specifications and ideas and see just exactly your needs are..

What is your Web Design Project Management System?

We want to communicate throughout the design process with you and your lead on the design project. Communication throughout the design process is of utmost importance. We provide you with a Mockup Design, and discuss all the necessary technologies needed to implement the design. Then we begin fully designing that website in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. We want to gather all content, images, logos, and feature your branding concepts in a manner that exceeds your expectations. We then provide you with a thematic preview for your approval. This is a fully mocked up design.

From there we do our magic and document our progress on a Day-to-Day schedule. We will keep up with you every week in a detailed manner on your website's progress. We want to show you how important you are as a customer, and how quickly we are getting the project done. From there we test it out, design it up in full scale, then begin the process of getting it on the web. We analyze the Website for security, we test out the site fully, and we provide feedback from potential websites users. We want to fully serve you and your business.

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